Friday, September 7, 2012

Peace Force

"If you want a future of shared prosperity, where the middle class is growing and poverty is declining, where the American Dream is alive and well, and where the United States remains the leading force for peace and prosperity in a highly competitive world, you should vote for Barack Obama" - Bill Clinton at the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina

Any informed US citizen, whatever their vocation, should avoid party politics at all costs, armed with the certain knowledge that the hostility the parties hold toward each other is fake, manufactured drama for the cameras, and that in reality the two parties that dominate US politics share broad bipartisan consensus on every single issue of key importance to justice, civil liberties, democracy and human rights. Not only that, it should by now be crystal clear to anyone not brainwashed by the establishment media that the US election is simply a show, one designed to project the illusion that the US is a democracy, something it manifestly is not.

At no time is it more vital that we avoid the media altogether than during the insane final stretch of the US presidential election. It is profoundly depressing to read endless comments from even intelligent and respected commentators in the chattering classes about, for example, Michelle Obama's speech, as if it matters one jot whatsoever what she thinks and as if the whole thing has not been crafted by scriptwriters armed with reams of polling data and PR strategies to make sure that she says all the things the faithful want to hear...platitudes and sound bites.

As for the pitiful, brainwashed sheep holding up the signs and cheering inanely at the conventions, the cognitive bias of system justification makes it next to impossible for them to wake up to reality.

Never have they needed the red pill more than now.

However, sometimes things are said that need to challenged and highlighted for purposes far beyond the ludicrous carnival and media fest AKA the US election. The quote at the top of this post attributed to former US President Bill Clinton is one of them. It is a crystal clear example of an extremely influential public figure standing up at a high-profile event and lying though his teeth.

Let us take this apart one piece at a time.

The 'future of shared prosperity' presumably refers to the future that will be shared by Clinton and his rich friends, because, as this graph makes clear, it most certainly does not refer to the future of the American people, or indeed that of ordinary civilians around the world.

As for the mysteriously 'growing' middle class, this is shot to pieces rather comprehensively by Pew. From Pew's press release:

"Fully 85% of self-described middle-class adults say it is more difficult now than it was a decade ago for middle-class people to maintain their standard of living. Of those who feel this way, 62% say "a lot" of the blame lies with Congress, while 54% say the same about banks and financial institutions, 47% about large corporations, 44% about the Bush administration, 39% about foreign competition and 34% about the Obama administration. Just 8% blame the middle class itself a lot."

So old Slick Willy is going to form so far. What about his take on poverty? The New York Times reported last year that 'the number of Americans living below the official poverty line, 46.2 million people, was the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has been publishing figures on it' and continues to soar.


Surely the American Dream is alive and well? Pew's research suggests a decline, and as their research data is based on figures up to 2008, the results reflect society before the 2008 economic crash, which caused untold damage to millions, meaning that the current state of affairs is likely to be far worse.

Clinton saves the best for last: '...the United States remains the leading force for peace and prosperity in a highly competitive world.' This is such a laughable claim that I am surprised he did not collapse in a fit of evil laughter a la Doctor Evil. As with his comment about 'shared prosperity', perhaps he is referring to the peace and prosperity enjoyed by him and his draft-dodging rich pals, who are quite happy to see other people's kids sent off to die in wars.

However, the claim that the US is a force for peace bears closer examination for the simple reason that readers need to see the facts of the matter and perhaps are not aware of the scale of US warmongering.

The United States has been involved in a great number of conflicts, in many cases being the belligerent party. It is difficult to read the exhaustive list without grimacing. William Blum, the author of a comprehensive book ('Killing Hope') on this topic, provides an admirable summary of post-WWII interventions here. And let us not forget the CIA-sponsored coups in numerous nations, many of them democracies. Mother Jones also reported last year that the US currently has covert operations in 75 countries, a rise from 60 at the end of the Bush administration for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama.

A force for peace? Only eternal peace.

A major politician spouting the diametric opposite of the truth is no big scoop. However, it highlights yet again the utter pointlessness of the establishment media's blanket coverage of events like these, not to mention the vacuous devotion of almost every major journalist, which comes at the expense of real news which could in fact inform citizens of the reality of how their tax dollars are spent:

On wars and interventions executed for the rapacious desires of the trans-national corporations and the arms industry; on a massive sweeping surveillance state; on a worldwide torture and rendition network; on drone aircraft that kill untold numbers of civilians, including children, and which target funerals and rescuers. Imagine if they showed footage of such drone attacks on establishment media networks or at party conventions.

The majority of politicians are now fronts for the corporations, the banks, and the extremely rich. They are paid very handsomely and rewarded with guaranteed boardroom or lobbying jobs after their political careers end all for two things: to ensure the status quo continues, and to further ensure that nothing can ever threaten said status quo. They are doing pretty well with the first task, but the second one is not completed yet - and this is why it is not too late to act.

What is needed is a massive grassroots movement towards a more direct democracy which places executive power in the hands of the people, along with sweeping media, education and electoral reforms to ensure that the people are educated and informed. These are attainable goals if enough put their minds and will to the task, and a method of implementation is discussed in my FREE book linked below. The alternative is societies in which the financial elites will be untouchable and will reign supreme into the distant future, and if that occurs, the only purpose of civilians will be to serve and sustain the elites while sacrificing an ever increasing number of civil liberties and human rights and suffering crushing inequality.

'The 99.99998271% - Why the Time is Right for Direct Democracy’ by Simon Wood is available for free download. In this 70-page book, the current state of human rights and democracy is discussed, and a simple method of implementing direct democracy is suggested.
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